About Minidoka County

Minidoka County, Idaho provides the ideal setting for the location of warehousing, transportation, commercial business, and industrial manufacturing facilities.   Located in the Magic Valley of south-central Idaho along the Snake River, Minidoka County is a rural Idaho County built on an agriculture-based economy with a long history of agricultural products manufacturing.  It is home to the largest sugar beet processing plant in the nation as well as numerous potato product and cheese factories.  Minidoka County makes up part of a region known as ‘The Nation’s Most Diverse Food Basket’ due to its abundant and diverse agricultural products.  The county seat is the City of Rupert, Idaho.

Minidoka County contains railroad lines that serve as Union Pacific’s main artery from the Midwestern United States to the Pacific Northwest.  From this mainline, Southern Idaho is laced with railroad lines, including Eastern Idaho Railroad connections, which collect and distribute agricultural commodities and products.

Minidoka County is perfectly situated along Interstate 84 and provides excellent access for shipping of necessary business input components and finished product.

Minidoka County has, in recent years, taken the lead in Southern Idaho in granting economic development tax exemptions and the present County Commission has expressed further interest in providing these tax incentives to promote business growth in the County.

Minidoka County is part of the Burley Micropolitan Statistical Area, an area consisting of Cassia County and Minidoka County and commonly referred to locally as the “Mini-Cassia” area.   The Mini-Cassia area often operates as one economic region with strong socio-political ties, a shared labor pool, and an economic interdependence.