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The Wilson Theater  

A symbol of Rupert’s Renaissance and Sense of Community

Built in 1920, the Wilson Theater is Rupert’s most easily recognized building and a symbol of Rupert’s community-minded people, a respect for our history, and our dedication to a bright future.  By the 1990s this beautiful landmark had fallen into disrepair.  In 1997, a volunteer group of businessmen began a community development committee called the Rupert Renaissance Initiative.  After a number of community meetings, it was determined that the Wilson Theater must be restored.  The theater was purchased and a new non-profit organization was formed — the Renaissance Arts Center, Inc.  Today the Renaissance Arts Center group continues the amazing restoration project and manages the theater’s facilities and its wonderful events.  The Wilson Building & Theatre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 17, 2001.  The renovation and restoration has been funded by grants, donations and fundraisers. No local tax dollars go into the project.

The Wilson Theater is now an excellent venue for your next concert, business meeting, luncheon, or wedding reception.

To schedule your event at the Wilson Theater, contact Cathy Leal at (208) 436-2787.

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Many photos courtesy of Cindy Singleton