Outdoor Shooting Complex

Gun Range Grand Opening

LOCATION & DIRECTIONS:  The City of Rupert Outdoor Shooting Complex is accessed at the corner of 500 North and Meridian Road — North of Rupert’s City limits.  Look for the sign pictured at right.

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Thank you to the NRA Foundation for your generous donation! 

In March 2015, the City was awarded $7,341.50 from The NRA Foundation to help construct restroom facilities at Rupert’s Outdoor Shooting Complex (See photo to right). Construction was performed by Mini-Cassia Sales. The City contributed $2,077.18 in cash and in-kind work towards the project. The total project cost $9,418.68.

Thanks to another grant from The NRA Foundation and the Friends of NRA we are able to purchase additional equipment for the gun range.

  • Champion Easy Bird Auto Feed 6 Packer
  • Easy Bird Wobble Base
  • Clay Targets

The total grant award totals: $1,892.00.


Visit the City of Rupert’s Newly Renovated Public Gun Range

In 2013, the City of Rupert, with the support of local businesses and a generous grant from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game refurbished its outdoor shooting complex and opened it to the public.  The facility is used for hunter safety, charitable target shooting events, and general target practice and sighting.  The range is supported by a group of dedicated and trained voluteers who can assist you during hours open to the public.


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In March 2017, the City of Rupert was awarded $7,265 from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game through the Shooting Range Development Grant program.  The grant was used to construct this new shelter at the 50-Yard Shooting Range.  With the help of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game and several community partners (Friends of the Rupert Shooting Complex, Inc., Boys Scout of America, and many private citizens), the shelter is now finished and ready to use.  Thank you to all of those involved in making this a successful project.