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WillTran Moves business to Rupert!


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WillTran Inc. Trucking To Build Headquarters in Southern Idaho

New Headquarters & Truck Maintenance Facility Buildings Already Underway in Rupert, Idaho

               RUPERT, ID – October 31, 2014 —  WillTran Inc., a bulk liquids and ag commodities transportation company, will build a new headquarters and truck maintenance facility in the southern Idaho City of Rupert.  Currently headquartered in Boise, Idaho, WillTran will expand its headquarters to Rupert, doubling their space.  The Boise headquarters will remain as a satellite location.

               WillTran moved from Rupert to Boise in the 1990’s due to lack of transport and logistic opportunity.  Now with southern Idaho’s extensive and growing agriculture sector, business development and the need to accommodate local client’s logistic needs, WillTran’s Rupert facility will be an ideal location to better operate and reduce transportation costs.

               “We’ve been leasing a facility in Rupert for the past several years but now it’s time to establish a permanent operation in the growing region of southern Idaho,” said Jerod Williams, WillTran vice president.  “Rupert is located in a logistical hub with easy freeway access to all points north, south, east and west and offers a good labor pool.  Relocating here will put us closer to our customers and vendors, expedite our services to them and reduce transportation costs.  We hope some of our customers will follow us to this great community.”

               Williams also credits forward-thinking Rupert City administrators for their decision to build there.  Several infrastructure elements were built over the past few years as Rupert prepared for future business growth.

               “Rupert residents wisely had the foresight to support and invest in city infrastructure in order to bring industry here,” explained Kelly Anthon, Rupert city administrator.  “With available city services in place, businesses like WillTran can move right in without having to invest in major upgrades.  We found that if you do build it, they will come.”

               Construction on the new facility is already underway with completion slated for early February.  WillTran is expected to hire 10 employees within the first year.

               “Logistics is playing an even greater role in economic development,” said Jan Rogers, executive director of Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization.  “Adding an established logistics operation like WillTran to our region is a perfect fit to support this region’s growing ag-based business sector,” she said.

               Founded in 1969, the bulk of WillTran’s operations consists of transporting non-hazardous liquid ag products — including vegetable and canola oil, animal fat, cattle and animal feed ingredients including molasses — throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.



Top: Photos from the ground-breaking ceremony -- including WillTran Vice President Jarod Williams as he addresses a crowd at the official ground-breaking ceremony and Rupert's Mayor and City Council members as they join with WillTran owners to ceremonially break ground. Below: WillTran's new Rupert headquarters is taking shape.

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