Economic Development Incentives

Rupert Makes it Easy to Grow your Business

Whether you start, expand or move your business to the City of Rupert, our economic development staff will work with you to realize all of the possible tools and benefits available to assure your success including:

  • Low Utility Rates!

    The City operates its own water, wastewater, and electrical power utilities -- we set the City's utility rates.  According to 2011 data from the Energy Information Administration, by comparison, Kansas has an average rate of 8.89 cents per kWh, Colorado’s average rate is 9.39 cents per kWh, and California’s average rate is 13.05 cents per hour (more than double the average rate in Idaho)!  The City of Rupert often offers economic development utility rates based on job creation.


  • Sustainability!

    The City of Rupert provides its businesses with a superb wastewater treatment process that is environmentally friendly.  After treatment of City wastewater to a reuse level, the City recycles the water for use on a City-owned farm as irrigation water.  The City is also working on developing a composting program for other byproducts of the wastewater treatment process.


  • Tax Incentives!

    The City of Rupert has low real and personal property tax rates!  The City also works closely with Minidoka County, Idaho to offer property tax incentives connected to large economic development projects.


  • Urban Renewal & Tax Increment Financing!

    The City currently utilizes special urban renewal areas to generate tax dollars that pay for public infrastructure needs associated with business growth and expansion.  When you build or exapand a business in one of these areas, the City's urban renewal agency can often assist in paying for the infrastructure you need to get your business up and running!


  • Workforce Training Programs!

    The City of Rupert has established a relationship with the Idaho Department of Labor and the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) to assist new businesses locating in our area.  Specialty workforce training programs can be created using the resources of CSI to meet new industrial production program needs.


  • Economic Development Grant Funding!

    Rupert's in-house economic development and grant specialists can help your business find resources for public infrastructure improvements and/or financing programs such as the federal New Market Tax Credit Program.  The City has established relationships with state and federal governmental agencies as well as with community development corporations to assist with your needs.


  • Tax Reimbursement Incentives!

    Rupert will help your business seek qualification for Idaho's new Tax Reimbursement Incentives.  Under this program,  your business can receive a tax credit of up to 30% on income, payroll, and sales taxes for up to 15 years.  Because Rupert is considered a rural area, qualification for this incentive is easier than in larger, urban centers.


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